Is There Anybody Out There?

Everyone’s got their favorites. Favorite books, favorite albums, favorite films. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a terrible time picking favorites, but sometimes they just hit you and you just know. At some point in our lives, we have read, listened to, and watched them for the very first time. We let their artistry infiltrate us, let their messages connect to us, and we immediately appreciated them for the way they were going to influence us moving forward.

Now, every time we read, listen to, and watch these favorites, we are reminded of that first read, that first listen, that first watch. The initial force that somehow managed to surpass all other forces finds its way into the deepest and most personal parts of who you are. And once they’re there, you know they’re there to stay.

But sometimes, sometimes, we re-read, we re-listen, or we re-watch, and we are flooded with an even more overwhelming force. It’s as if you actually are experiencing it all for the first time again. But instead of being unfamiliar and waiting for the sureness to flow through you, you crave it. Somehow, you find yourself in a position to fall in love all over again, and somehow, it’s even better than the first time.

This happens when we least expect it – which is a good thing. If we could pick and choose the moments for us to re-fall in love, they wouldn’t be as special or cherished. It is their spontaneity and unexpectedness that drives your somehow stronger acquaintance. You can be casually be listening to your favorite album in the background while you study or clean your room, and you are suddenly re-struck with the brilliance of a particular lyric, or bundle of lyrics, or transition, or modulation, or the stunning creation as a whole. You don’t know why, you don’t understand what brought it on, but none of that matters in that moment. What does matter is the moment itself.

We are reminded, in that moment, that connection exists. People have the ability to make art, no matter the medium, and have it mean something to somebody. It is the most powerful thing we are capable of – helping, teaching, creating. It is of infinite supply, creating, and its bounds are endless. To think we have any sort of power in its direction is sometimes overwhelming, but in the end, extremely gratifying.

The universe is billions of years old. In this retrospect, we are irrelevant. But in the same respect, we are also crucial. We may live for 100 years, but on a grander scale of existence, this is almost nothing. How can we possibly leave a dent? The path to figuring that out is what makes us crucial. How we choose to spend our time and connect with the world both relies on and is dependent upon us as individuals. Our time on Earth, though limited, is important – if want it to be. And if you do, what will you do to make it count?

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